• Rodanthi Tzanelli

Technopolis and the Feminine Glamour of Dark Futures

This is my new science fiction story that experiments with big ideas from the sociology of utopia, Science and Technology and modernity, among other things. But without the heavy jargon used in scholarship, lovers of short stories can enjoy such big ideas concerning the core of our humanity and the extent it is defined with regards to empathy; the difference between affect and emotion; and the gendered politics of art and technology, among other things.

Here is the blurb, which is not the whole story:

Artemisia Gentileschi, Levina Teerlinc and Lenora Carrington were three gifted women, who were born in three different periods of artistic modernity and chose to work and succeed in the androcratic milieus of the belle arts. In this story, they take tuns to talk about their experience of waking up in a dystopian future, in which a sinister form of digital technocracy lulls people’s emotions. Their narratives intersect behind their concerted attempt to overthrow the class of “digital clairvoyants”, who control the brains of the “Digital Empire’s” workers with lies about a seamlessly “happy” future. As the story of this anarchic group’s project develops, what is real and what is simulated begins to be questioned not just by the resurgent artists of the story, but also through the very simulations of a force that was brought to life by human progress.

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