• Rodanthi Tzanelli

New poetry book: Scholars Only, Alas

Scholars Only, Alas:

Educating in Professor Rose’s Life Politics

Kindle Edition

by Rodanthi Tzanelli

In Pantagruel Rabelais uses the term ‘Lanterns’ to ridicule the residents of the City of Lanterns, the land of literary charlatans and pedantic graduates in arts, medicine and the academy. This collection of poems provides the negative image of Rabelaisian satire, exposing the limits and limitations of excess as a pedagogical technique.

Scholars Only is a collection for intellectually astute readers – mostly academics and scholars with deep knowledge of social and political theory, which does not feature as such in the book, even in footnotes. Its episodic storytelling creates an alternative record of ‘life politics’ as a form of design.

I gave to the collection’s cover image the title ‘Educating in Professor Rose’s Life Politics’. Go on a treasure hunting to discover who this person is - not everything is what it seems at first. ‘Scholars Only’ who complete a careful reading of this collection will fully appreciate the intentional pun.

The collection is illustrated with collages created by the author (me!), which complement individual poems.


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